Keep Writing!

The biggest issue I see with many websites is the ability to keep content fresh. Ask yourself why folks should keep visiting your website? The answer should be that you offer industry insight or that you are constantly updating your site with new information and/or products. If you find most visits are to get your phone number, you could add a most frequently asked section onto your site or even a contact form if the questions aren't very consistent.

Pledge to update your website once a week. It is easy in Joomla and you can review Editing An Article to get started.  However, if you've failed at your once-a-week goal, perhaps once a month is a bit more your speed? Regardless, keeping your content fresh will also keep you in good graces with Google, Bing, and other search engines.

I suggest that you put yourself in the customer's shoes. What would they like to know? Would it be beneficial to disclose products in the works?  Can you offer some advice based on the typical questions your customers have? Does your customer base need instructions? Would some extra descriptive information (with pictures) help?

When you add new information, don't forget to share your new article link with your Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn followers.